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Pictures from Pieterskerk

Pieterskerk interior just after an orchestra concert looking toward the south entrance. The Pilgrim baptistery wing would be at the far end on the left. (Note: You can see a truss system and false ceiling in place while restoration work is being completed 20 meters above the floor.

Pieterskerk interior looking north. Notice the original pulpit from 1532 designed by Pieter Cornelisz Kunst and built by cabinetmaker Daniel Willemsz. Over the pulpit you can see something called a sounding board that aided the acoustic projection of the speaker's voice. The large octagonal shaped lower portion dates from 1604, but the upper 2 piece construction is the original sounding board bearing the text 'Ick Ben Die Wech Die Wareheijt Ende Dat Leven. Sint Jan II XIIII' (I am the way, the truth and the life. St. John 2:9) Also take note of the grave stones in the floor. Some of these may have marked the graves of Pastor John Robinson and other Pilgrim church members that were buried under this floor.

This photo, looking east, and the one that follows shows the baptistery wing dedicated
to the Mayflower Pilgrims and Pastor John Robinson.

The plaques surrounding the wing tell the Pilgrim Story.

Plaque at the Southwest corner of Pieterskerk (directly across from Robinson's
house site) dedicated to more than 30 members of the Pilgrim group buried in the
floor of Pieterskerk.

A closer view of the Pilgrim Deaths Plaque. Note that John Robinson
lost children in 1618, 1621 and 1623 before his own death in 1625.

Aerial view of Robinson's house site (lower center) and the Kloksteeg (Bell Alley)
leading from the Pilgrim's region to Academiegebouw (Academy building of hte
University of Leyden). The first white house on the right side of the Kloksteeg is
where the family of Pilgrim Thomas Rogers roomed while he and his son Joseph
journeyed to America on the Mayflower. Thomas died the first winter in America
and the family members living in this house were finally reunited with son Joseph
in America in 1623. The picture was taken by Michael Keating from scaffolds
erected for Pieterskerk's exterior restoration work .
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