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Pictures from Pieterskerk
Picture of the official court registry of Leiden open to the entry of the court case against Thomas Brewer for publishing Episcopal literature on the Pilgrim Press. William Brewster and his assistant Edward Winslow ran the press out of Brewster's home (picture below). Brewster was originally arrested along with Brewer, the financier of the Pilgrim Press, but was soon released by the Leiden sheriff. Brewster went into hiding in the next village, Leiderdorp, and escaped further pursuit by coming to America on the Mayflower in 1620. Brewer spent 14 years in prison in England for his religious beliefs. This was a major scandal of that day and one of the sparks that caused Rev. John Robinson to make the decision to move to America.

This picture shows the rear wall and only remaining portion of William Brewster's house located on the far right side at the end of the alleyway known as William Brewstersteeg. This is where Brewster and Winslow operated the Pilgrim Press.

Marker at the site of departure of the Pilgrims from Leiden. They traveled from here down the Vilet river to Delfshaven harbor where the Speedwell awaited them. The marble slab on the ground bears many
of the names of the Pilgrims who departed that day.

Marker at the Barbican Pier dock site of the Mayflower. The original wall collapsed some decades after the Mayflower sailed and was rebuilt slightly further out. The original location is marked by the stone bearing "Mayflower 1620". The floral wreathes seen in the photo are from the townspeople of Plymouth to America on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

The Barbican Pier Mayflower marker from the water side.

Looking out on the harbor where the Mayflower departed into the open ocean and the annals of history.

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